Thank You!

I entered Dr. Ervin’s office with severe pain in my left shoulder blade, upper shoulders and neck muscles traveling to the left ear. When I turned my head, I heard grinding in my neck. I was having headaches and left earaches. I tried to solve these problems for many years by using a chair massager, the door frame, and creams. The relief was short lived. According to my x-rays my spine was a mess. With Dr. Ervin’s massages and adjustments, my headaches earaches and scraping noise in my neck are gone. The pain in my shouldrs, neck and shoulder blade are no longer severe. I feel like a new person.

Karen E.


I have had back pain for more years than I can count and have found no relief from the pain until I came to see Dr. Ervin. No amount of pain suppressors, sleeping positions, etc. deviated my constant pain. After just a few adjustments, Dr. Ervin has eliminated my need for pain pills, increased my energy and given back my life free from pain and agony.

Douglas S.

Success Story

Prior to coming in for chiropractic treatment I suffered from lower back pain, that radiated down the front of my leg, causing numbness. This pain caused me to be uncomfortable during the workday and restless during sleep. After chiropractic treatment for this I have not experienced lower back pain or numbness and since feeling better I exercise more and live daily pain free!!!



I recently competed in a national powerlifting competition and made it through the meet and broke all of my personal records.  Why is this important?  Because in November I had torn one of my hip flexors due to the fact that my right hip joint had VERY poor hip mobility.  Not because I did not warm it up properly, but because there was an issue with my hip being locked in place.  No matter how often I tried to rehabilitate it, it would not work properly.  Dr. Ervin played a primary role in getting me prepared to the best of my ability for this competition.  Without his help, it is more than likely possible that I would not have done well at all, or even worse, could have exacerbated the issue by completely tearing one of the compensating muscles.  His services were invaluable to the competition and my overall well-being!! I feel much better and feel great on a day-to-day basis!  Thank you again for all of your help!!!


Success Story

Before coming to Dr. Ervin, I was in constant pain in my back and legs due to various injuries. I took 20 minutes or more just to get out of bed in the morning. I hated to wake up knowing I would be in severe pain and that moving would make the pain worse. The only way I could get through the day was with large amounts of pain killers and even that didn’t always work. I twas so bad that I couldn’t continue working my regular job. Then my wife got me to see Dr. Ervin. I was amazed at how fast I improved. I cannow get out of bed without much pain adn can walk without my legs hurting.


Thank you so much for helping!

Eldon A.


I have had my share of headaches for several years, but last summer they began getting more intense and more frequent. By mid-September I had headaches every day. Any kind of light set them off, but sunlight or fluorescent lights usually sent me to bed, in a darkened room. I thought maybe a camping trip away from any office or home stress would help but the sunlight mad them worse. It got to the point where I didn’t go outside at all during the day, except to drive to work, and that was only with sunglasses on. My husban and I had to wait until sunset to take walks. He even started grocery shopping for me as the lights in the store caused jthe headaches to intensify. For awhile I even wore my sunglasses at work until they took out some of hte tubes in the fluorescent lights.

A visit to my doctor, my optometrist, a neurologist- and an MRI showed nothing major was wrong, and I was prescribed medicine to help with the pain. However, I wanted to find the source of the pain and cure it, rather than medicate it. My doctor and neurologist assured me there was nothing I could do.

My son recommended a visit to Dr. Ervin. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I was ready to try nearly anything. My first visit in mid-October when Dr. Ervin said he thougth he could help me was very encouraging.

After beginning the adjustments I started going through entire days without a major headache. Soon, it became several days in a row. I was so excited by mid-November to go over a weekand a half without a headache. It is now December 11 and I have not had a headache yet this month- even with some stressful, icy driving conditions we have experienced and some stressful “teenage” issues.

Andrea J.

Thank you

I was referred to Dr. Ervin by a friend and boy oh boy, I’m glad! In just a short period I have had remarkable results.  For one thing I have doubled the range of motion in my neck and back and what’s more – this morning the pain that had sent me into the office in the first place has faded to nearly nothing.  I’ve lived with the chronic pain of fibromyalgia and arthritis for about 3 years.  Today is the first day that I have not taken any medication for pain in all of those years.  Thank you!